SOP® GOLD PRO CALF is a mineral feed for unweaned calves that promotes SOP Bio-hygienization in calf hutches and bedding.

This product is only suitable for unweaned calves. After weaning use the SOP Bio-hygienization products specifically for adult dairy cows (SOP GOLD PRO COW e SOP STAR COW).

SOP GOLD PRO CALF - instructions for use

Instructions for use: 1.5 g/head, a day.

Dilute the product in the water used to prepare the milk or directly with the milk itself. The product is easily dissolved in the milk and may also be used in calf feeders.   

It is highly recommended to start using SOP GOLD PRO CALF from birth, with the colostrum.  

CONTENTS OF THE BOX: The box contains one bag of 900 g.

The use of SOP GOLD PRO CALF has recorded:

  • Opposition to the causes of the main calf pathologies of an environmental origin, such as scours and pneumonia
  • Drastic reduction in odor and ammonia emissions
  • Increased comfort
  • Drastic reduction in flies
  • Better growth performance.


The SOP COW LINE has been the subject of numerous trials and studies by some of the most important universities of the world:

University of California (Davis), Cornell University, Guelph (Canada) and the universities of Milan, Perugia, Parma & Turin. 

Here follow the scientific papers that show the efficacy of SOP:

Perugia University 2003

Hygiene in cattle: microbiological screening of permanent bedding after treatment with an innovative bio-hygienizer and the economical aspect

(M. Mattoni, B. M. Torquati, G. Tacconi)

46th NMC Annual Congress (San Antonio, Texas, USA) 2007

Efficacy of a bio-hygienization additive on microbial control in dairy cow bedding

(G. Tacconi, M. Pennacchi, P. Boni, A. Covarelli, A. Zanierato)

47th NMC Annual Congress (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA) 2008

Efficacy of a Bio-hygienization Additive in Controlling the yeast-like microalga Prototheca zopfii

(A. Zanierato, P. Buzzini)

48th NMC Annual Congress (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA) 2009

Monitoring of the efficacy of a Bio-hygienization treatment on the reduction of the microbial load in cubicles of an Italian herd

(Valerio Bronzo, Andrea Zanierato, Roberto Varano, Paolo Moroni)

49th NMC Annual Congress (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) 2010

Monitoring of the efficacy of a bio-hygienization treatment on the reduction of the microbial load in cubicles with mats of an Italian dairy herd

(Michela Favretti, Paolo Moroni, Valerio Bronzo, Sergio Cavalli, Andrea Zanierato)

50th NMC Annual Congress (Arlington, Virginia, USA) 2011

Annual monitoring of the SCC on a commercial Italian farm treated with SOP C COW

(Andrea Zanierato, Mauro Casalone, Paola Luparia, Valerio Bronzo e Paolo Moroni)

50th NMC Annual Congress (Arlington, Virginia, USA) 2011

SOP treatment of separate manure solids reduced  Klebsiella bacteria counts

(H. Lynn Sharkey, A. Zanierato, P. Luparia, M. Poggianella, P.Moroni, Y.H. Schukken)

Buiatrics World Congress (Santiago, Chile) 2010

Monitoring of the effects of a bio-hygienization treatment on the growth performance of calves for replacement heifers

(Andrea Zanierato, Irene Accorinti, Paola Luparia, Valerio Bronzo, Elise Tetone, Ken Leslie)

ADSA - AMPA - ASAS - CSAS - WSASAS Joint Annual Meeting (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) 2012

Investigation of a bio-hygienizing additive for oral use in dairy cows: effect on milk somatic cell count

(Paola Luparia, Marco Poggianella, Valerio Bronzo)

ESVCN Congress (Toulouse, France) 2015

Preliminary results of in-field monitoring of a feed additive for rumen functionality on 7 Italian commercial dairy farms

(P. Luparia, N. Rota, M. Poggianella, V. Bronzo)

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