In 2022 the Resonant product line was born, the result of optimized formulas and scientific tests in the field, also including products for viticulture.

We have developed a suite of innovative vineyard applications that promote a healthy and highly active soil microbiome, helping vines become more productive and more resistant to water shortages and heat stress. This allows for improved yields and higher-quality grapes, often improving the quality and complexity of the resulting wines. 

Thanks to our proprietary technology, we have designed solutions for each cultivation stage:

  • Fortify supports specific winemaking goals for white, sparkling and red wine production with unique applications;
  • Encore helps the vine in its second phase of post-harvest root growth;
  • Rescue bolsters the vine after a severe abiotic stressor, such as hail, frost or extreme heat;
  • Strong Roots stimulates new root production in pre-plant cuttings;
  • Foundation encourages secondary root development following planting in native soil;
  • Cover Smart improves germination, increases biomass, and builds water retention in the soil to spur homogeneous growth of cover crops.

Find out more here and watch this video.

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