Opposes pathogenic bacteria.
Stimulates beneficial bacteria.
Reduces harmful gas emissions.


In the light of recent European provisions, the farmer has been made highly responsible  for everything occurring on his farm, even more so when problems arise that could have repercussions on consumer health. Hygiene in the production and work environments has become, therefore, of vital importance.

SOP Bio-hygienization has a triple action that can bring about the following benefits:

  1. OPPOSITION TO THE PATHOGENIC BACTERIA: long term, even in the presence of large quantities of organic material. A new equilibrium is brought to the environmental microbial populations.
  2. STIMULATION OF THE BENEFICIAL BACTERIA: stimulation of the bacterial colonisation of species that are useful in maintaining a healthy equilibrium within the barn environment.
  3. REDUCTION OF HARMFUL GAS EMISSIONS: reduction of the ammonia emissions and other gases and opposition to the putrefying bacteria populations.

These three actions, together, reduce the environmental impact of agriculture/animal husbandry farms, rendering them in better conformation to the present, and future, laws in force, whilst improving the living conditions of the animals and the work of the farm operators.

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