Dairy cows

Here is the list of the benefits you can obtain thanks to the SOP Dairy Line: 

1. Bio-valorization and fluidification of manure

The bio-valorization contributes to fluidifying the manure under the slats, in the receiving pits or in the tanks while improving its fertilizing power.
Thanks to the bio-valorization of the manure with SOP Lagoon, it is possible to reduce nitrogen fertilization by 10%.

2. Bio-hygienization of the environment

Bio-hygienization is the conditioning of the environment, without the addition of microorganisms or the unconditional elimination of the beneficial microbial populations; it establishes a balance that favors humification and composting instead of putrefaction.

Bio-hygienization consists of:

  • the opposition to environmental pathogens;
  • reduction of harmful gas emissions, ammonia and odors;
  • increase in beneficial microbiota that has the following consequences: drier and cleaner bedded packs and stalls, savings in labor costs and reduction in flies.

3. Bio-resilience and animal wellbeing
Bio-resilience is the ability of a system to resist stressful events or re-establish equilibrium. It is achievable in a dairy cow by stimulating its microbiome, its digestive system, its neuroendocrine system and its immune system. The Star products combine bio-hygienization with bio-resilience, and aim to reduce the environmental impact of the farm, improve animal wellbeing, increase profitability and obtain:

for dairy cows:

  • more stable and balanced ruminal and intestinal microbiome, in order to support physiological metabolic functions;
  • better digestion and nutrient utilization;
  • better assimilation of the feed ration;
  • better milk quality (% fat, protein and casein);
  • improved fertility rate;
  • lower risk of new cases of udder and placenta problems;
  • lower Somatic Cell Count;
  • improved recovery and healing ability.

for calves:

  • better rumen development;
  • improved strength and resistance to stress;
  • better growth;
  • improved ability to heal and recover;
  • lower risk of new cases of lung and intestine problems.

4.  Reduction of emissions and odors

The products of the Dairy Line help reduce odor and ammonia emissions, right from the barn. Furthermore, they represent a valid aid in reducing the impact of the dairy farm on the environment, by also reducing Greenhouse gas emissions: with SOP Star Cow it is possible to reduce the enteric emissions in the barn and, with SOP Lagoon, those from the manure. It is possible to obtain:

  • Up to -100* Ammonia (NH3) e Nitrous Oxide (N20)
  • Up to -50%** Enteric Methane (CH4)
  • Up to -80%*** Methane from manure
  • Up to -75%*** Carbon Dioxide

* Data from Borgonovo et al, 2019 and Peterson et al, 2020, Sustainability
** Data from Ross et al, 2020, Sustainability, and Internal SOP research
*** Dati from Chiodini et al., 2023, Sustainability.

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Our products from the Dairy Line:

SOP Easycow

Calcareous corrector for organic farms. SOP Easycow is a product for the Bio-hygienization of loose yards/bedded packs and cubicles/stalls of dairy cows.

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SOP Gold Pro Cow

A mineral feed for dairy cows and heifers to promote the Bio-hygienization of the barn environment.

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SOP Star Cow

In addition to the Bio-hygienization of the environment, with benefits for hygiene and barn management, this product also promotes animal wellbeing & productivity.

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SOP Easycalf

A product for the Bio-hygienization of calf bedding.

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SOP Star Calf

Stimulates harmonious growth right up to complete weaning.

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SOP Lagoon

A powdered additive that dissolves and fluidifies crust and reduces greenhouse and other polluting gas emissions.

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SOP Zip Cow

A mixture of oils for the wellbeing of the skin of dairy cows.

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Many farmers have chosen to use our products for dairy cows. Here are some of their testimonials:

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The importance SOP gives to scientific research has generated numerous publications...

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