Feed disequilibrium, variations in daily routine and differences between summer and winter housing are just a few of the factors that can give the animals high levels of stress.
For this reason, it is fundamental to have an environment that supports the animals in the moments of greatest stress and change...
...to facilitate the maintenance of a balance between health and production.
Furthermore, ammonia emissions represent a potential danger to the animals' health, but are also subject to stricter and stricter regulations, created in an attempt to reduce the ecological impact of all human activities.

Small Ruminants


The products of the SOP Sheep&Goat Line offer the farmer solutions for:
the Environment: thanks to the process of Bio-hygienization, the products help to create a new equilibrium in the barn, modulating the environmental bacterial load to the advantage of the animal, the herd and the whole environment. This is made possible by stimulating the humification process instead of putrefaction.



Wellbeing: thanks to direct stimulation of its Bio-resilience centres, the animal is able to react better to any changes within the barn or to any other external stimulations, maintaining greater equilibrium and, consequently, higher quality and production levels.
Odor and ammonia emissions: thanks to the process of Bio-hygienization, the ammonia emissions drop, not only within the environment, but also from the manure produced on the treated farm.


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