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It’s true, Intensive AND Sustainable Farming seems to be a contradiction, but it is so only if we continue to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

Don’t forget that the world population is growing and, for us, feeding this growing population can only be through intensive farming.

All the SOP products are aimed at helping farms maintain a high level of productivity, whilst improving the three aspects that define sustainability: economic sustainability, by increasing productivity and reducing running costs, environmental sustainability, by reducing pollution from the farm activity, and social sustainability, by making the finished products healthier, for the benefit of the whole community. 

For example, our products for agriculture have allowed farmers to improve their production levels whilst, at the same time, reducing, or even eliminating, the use of synthetic fertilizers, reducing costs as well as pollution (did you know that most PM2.5 come from ammonia emissions from fertilizers?). 

Our products for animals have allowed farmers to increase the productivity of their animals improving, at the same time, their wellbeing and reducing ammonia and Greenhouse Gas emissions on the farm.

Our products for liquid manure (tested by some of the best universities of the world) have resulted in the reduction of costs linked to liquid manure management improving, at the same time, its natural fertilizing capacity and reducing any resulting emissions.

So, Intensive and Sustainable (for the farmers, the community and the environment) are adjectives that can sit side by side, after all!


The combination of SOP Bio-resilience and Bio-hygienization means that the animals are stronger and living in a more controlled environment. It is therefore possible, in most cases, to obtain a good reduction in udder issues and dermatitis of an environmental origin (not contagious or chronic), if the SOP products are used, at least, in the critical areas.

Although using only the product for bio-hygienization will bring excellent results, they will not be as complete as those which can be obtained by using SOP STAR COW.

Regarding the somatic cells, before making any kind of calculation of the reduction, it is necessary to consider the initial situation, the possible presence of contagious microorganisms (such as Staph. aureus, Strep. agalactiae, Prototheca,...) and, more importantly, the presence of chronic cows.

No, they won't.

The SOP products have been designed to be used at such a low dosage that they do not influence the nutritional values of the ration.

The use of SOP STAR COW may lead to an increase in feed efficiency, so that the farmer may be able to modulate the ration in function of the new nutritional requirements of the animals.

SOP STAR COW is not a medicine and does not substitute any necessary veterinary intervention, in any way.

The product may improve the animal's general state of wellbeing, which means that all subsequent interventions can be recalibrated.

No, you can't.

The disinfectants would have a negative impact on the beneficial organisms that SOP stimulates, and the part that these microorganisms play in opposing the action of the pathogens, will be lost.

Yes, you can.

The SOP products have no inhibiting action on methanigenic bacteria and, therefore, do not interfere with their capacity to convert the biomass into methane.

It is recommended to treat the liquid manure coming out of the digester with SOP LAGOON.

No. Diarrhea has multiple causes, including bacteria, virus and parasites.

The SOP products for calves help to boost the animal's natural immune system and oppose the proliferation of the environmental pathogenic bacteria in the calf hutch/pen.

These two factors alone cannot guarantee the elimination of such an important pathology, which has a number of different causes.

Years of experience and results have shown us how, in most cases, the liquid manure remains more uniform and, in the case that organic bedding material is used, the crust will be reduced and kept to such levels that it is no longer a problem.

If organic materials are not used in the barn, the liquid manure will be easily manageable and, in most cases, it will be possible to stop using the agitator altogether.

Yes, it can.

SOP ZIP COW is based on vegetable oils and contains food colouring. It does not contain any chemical agents or antibiotics, which could penetrate the tissues and contaminate the milk.

All the SOP products are based on natural raw materials.

Many of them are also allowed in Organic Farming in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Check the product description to choose the one that is best for you.

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