The cultivation of olive trees is a long term investment for the farmer.
Despite the longevity of the tree, there are many pitfalls that can compromise growth and productivity.
A healthy tree, which is better able to resist stress, has a greater chance of quality results.
Furthermore, regular, stress-free growth can lead to an increased production of a higher quality oil.
For example, it is possible to obtain lower levels of peroxides, in olives kept under the same conditions of preservation.

Olive groves

The SOP Olive line products have a dual action:

on plant growth:

  • greater resistance to stress
  • greater resilience and recovery after difficult periods
  • greater resistance to olive fruit fly attacks
  • less fruit falling after meteorological events

on fruitification:

  • larger, heavier olives
  • less damage from the olive fruit fly (distinguishable by fewer worm holes at the end of the cycle)
  • higher oil yield
  • better oil quality.

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