On a pig farm it is fundamental to be able to increase the feed conversion rate...
...combining good cycle management without, however, compromising the healthiness of the product.
The pig farm environment is a variable that can have a huge effect on farm management and profitability.
Problems of fertility, diarrhea, respiratory problems and lesions are just a few elements that risk invalidating the animals.
Only animals that are truly healthy can ensure an optimum feed conversion ratio and correct development during the whole growth cycle.



On a pig farm, it is fundamental to be able to unite good cycle management with an increase in the feed conversion ratio, without compromising the health of the final product.
The products of the SOP Pig line offer the farmer solutions for:
the Environment: thanks to the process of Bio-hygienization, the products help to create a new equilibrium in the barn, modulating the environmental bacterial load to the advantage of the animal, the group and the whole environment. This is made possible by stimulating the humification process instead of putrefaction.
Wellbeing: thanks to direct stimulation of its Bio-resilience centres, the animal is able to react more efficiently to any changes within the barn or to any other external stimulations, maintaining greater equilibrium and, consequently, higher health and production levels.
Liquid manure management: thanks to the Bio-valorization process, manure management is facilitated under the slats, in the receiving pits and large storage pits and, more importantly, the manure acquires a greater agronomic value, being transformed from a "problem" into a "resource".



A complementary feed to maximize productivity, animal wellbeing and the quality of the environment.

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