On a pig farm it is fundamental to be able to increase the feed conversion rate...
...combining good cycle management without, however, compromising the healthiness of the product.
The pig farm environment is a variable that can have a huge effect on farm management and profitability.
Problems of fertility, diarrhea, respiratory problems and lesions are just a few elements that risk invalidating the animals.
Only animals that are truly healthy can ensure an optimum feed conversion ratio and correct development during the whole growth cycle.


Here is the list of the benefits you can obtain thanks to the SOP Pig Line: 

1. Reduction of emissions and odors

The products of the Pig Line help reduce odor and ammonia emissions, right from the barn. Furthermore, they represent a valid aid in reducing the impact of the pig farm on the environment, by also reducing Greenhouse gas emissions: with SOP Star Pig Plus it is possible to reduce the enteric emissions in the barn and, with SOP Pig Lagoon, those from the manure. It is possible to obtain:

  • Up to -100* Ammonia (NH3) e Nitrous Oxide (N20)
  • Up to -80%** Methane from manure
  • Up to -75%** Carbon Dioxide

Inoltre, 100% dei nostri clienti ha percepito una forte riduzione di odori e ammoniaca da quando ha iniziato ad usare i prodotti. Il 65% dice che è annullato del tutto (secondo un’analisi interna effettuata a luglio 2022).

* Data from Borgonovo et al, 2019 and Peterson et al, 2020, Sustainability
**Dati from Chiodini et al., 2023, Sustainability.

2. Bio-valorization and fluidification of manure

The bio-valorization contributes to fluidifying the manure under the slats, in the receiving pits or in the tanks while improving its fertilizing power.
Thanks to the bio-valorization of the manure with SOP Pig Lagoon, it is possible to reduce nitrogen fertilization by 10%.

3. Bio-hygienization of the environment

Bio-hygienization is the conditioning of the environment, without the addition of microorganisms or the unconditional elimination of the beneficial microbial populations; it establishes a balance that favors humification and composting instead of putrefaction.

Bio-hygienization consists of:

  • the opposition to environmental pathogens;
  • reduction of harmful gas emissions, ammonia and odors;
  • reduction of larvae and flies in barn.

4. Bio-resilience and animal wellbeing

The Pig Line products promote animal bio-resilience, with the following goals:

  • a more stable and balanced intestinal microbiome, with a better assimilation of nutrients;
  • better ration conversion and protein synthesis;
  • better immune system;
  • lower risk of spreading epidemics;
  • greater capacity for healing and recovery.

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Our products from the Pig Line:

SOP Gold Pro Pig

A mineral feed which promotes bio-hygienization in the barn environment.

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SOP Star Pig Plus

A complementary feed to maximize productivity, animal wellbeing and the quality of the environment.

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SOP Pig Lagoon

A practical additive for the liquid manure of pigs.


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SOP Lagoon Feed Pig

Drastically reduces odors, emissions and crusts from the liquid manure of pigs.

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SOP Lagoon Activator Pig

Soluble additive for the activation of large quantities of liquid manure.

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