SDG and IPCC Scope: SOP’s commitment

SOP supports UN Global Compact (created to encourage companies from all over the world to adopt sustainable policies in compliance with corporate social responsibility) and has been effectively engaged in the implementation of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and in allowing its customers to achieve the same result.

Thanks to the alignment with the SDGs, it is possible to obtain a certification for the farm and the finished product, which will give more value to your business by increasing the ESG rating of the entire supply chain. 

Achieving this goal allows you to: 

  • create added value to the production chain
  • be ready for the new and stricter environmental regulations;
  • have access to competitive supply chains that meet the needs of the more careful consumers.

SCOPE 1 - DIRECT EMISSIONS: reducing emissions from liquid manure, enteric emissions from animals and emissions from fertilizers spread on the fields.

SCOPE 2 - INDIRECT EMISSIONS FROM ELECTRICITY: reducing energy consumption for liquid manure agitation and pumping, for forced ventilation of barns (which is, then, less saturate in ammonia and odor) and for spreading synthetic fertilizer.

SCOPE 3 - INDIRECT EMISSIONS: limiting/eliminating the use of synthetic fertilizer which limits emissions linked to their production and transport (LCA).

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