SOP Star Pig Plus

SOP® Star Pig Plus unites SOP Bio-hygienization with SOP Bio-resilience. It is a powdered product, easily made into pellets or mixed with the feed ration.

It improves production, reduces costs and polluting emissions establishing true sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

The use of SOP Star Pig Plus has recorded:

  • Opposition to the environmental microorganisms which cause a variety of issues
  • Drastic reduction in odors and ammonia
  • Improved fluidity of liquid manure
  • Greater dryness of the bedding
  • Better assimilation of nutrients
  • Stronger immune system
  • Greater capacity to heal and recover
  • Less aggressivity of the animals, even at the end of the cycle.


Since 2001, SOP has been in the front line, helping farmers to improve the health and productivity of their pigs. Many of them have been using SOP Star Pig Plus for more than 10 years and the benefits they are receiving are extremely positive and with no side effects.

Here are some of their testimonials: 

Nava Pig Farm (Roncello - MB - Italia)

uses SOP Star Pig Plus & SOP Pig Lagoon

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