SOP Gold Pro Cow

Thanks to the improved hygiene, there is a reduction in environmental pathogens, ammonia smell and flies. Barn management is made easier, thanks to the drier bedding and the initialization of the fluidization of the liquid manure (completed by the use of SOP Lagoon).

The lower level of pathogens in the barn means there is a lower incidence of environmental disease (udder or foot problems) and consequently a lower SCC. The drier bedding and the reduced smell increases cow comfort. 

The product can be easily mixed with all types of feed, in any ration and does not influence the digestion process or ruminal environment at all. 

For Organic Farming, use SOP Gold Pro Cow Compact.

The use of SOP Gold Pro Cow has recorded:

  • Reduction of SCC (American Dairy Science Association)
  • Drier bedding and cubicles/stalls
  • Reduction/Elimination of ammonia and odor
  • Savings on bedding
  • Opposition to the causes of the main cow issues of an environmental origin, eg. udder problems, skin problems, etc. (National Mastitis Council and Mastitis Research Workers)
  • Lower costs for manpower
  • Reduction of flies

After only 4 months of use of SOP GOLD PRO COW

Dry, compact and healthy cubicles/stalls.

Presentation video of SOP GOLD PRO COW

SOP GOLD PRO COW - instructions for use

Instructions for use: Cows 4 g/head, a day; heifers and young heifers 2 g/head, a day.

Add to the feed in the feed mixer or mix well with the feed ration, once a day. 

Not to be used simultaneously with oral macrolides.  

It is strongly recommended to use SOP GOLD PRO COW for dry cows, close-up dry and fresh cows, as these animals are more subject to problems due to their physiological state.  

Contents of the box: The box contains one 10 kg bag.  

SOP GOLD PRO COW - what they say about us

Since 2001, SOP has been in the front line, helping farmers to improve the health and productivity of their cows. Many of them have been using SOP GOLD PRO COW for more than 10 years and the benefits they are receiving are extremely positive and with no side effects.

Here are a few of their testimonials: 

Alessandro & Carmelo Iseppi's Farm (Sandrigo -VI- Italy)


Alberto Lorenzi's Farm (Montichiari -BS- Italy)


Giacinto & Giovanni Martelli’s Farm (Rodigo - MN - Italy)


Bono Farm of Placido & Giacomo Bono & Sons (Calcinato - BS - Italy)


Lorenzo, Enzo & Ivan Lonati's Farm (Pavone del Mella -BS- Italy)


Severeno Piovanelli's Farm (Calcinato - BS - Italy)



The SOP products have been the subject of numerous tests and studies by some of the most important universities in the world: University of California (Davis), Cornell University, Guelph (Canada) and the universities of Milan, Perugia, Parma and Turin in Italy.

Mastitis Research Workers NMC Meeting (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) 2016

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ESVCN Congress (Toulouse, France) 2015

Preliminary results of in-field monitoring of a feed additive for rumen functionality on 7 Italian commercial dairy farms

(P. Luparia, N. Rota, M. Poggianella, V. Bronzo)

ADSA - AMPA - ASAS - CSAS - WSASAS Joint Annual Meeting (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) 2012

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50th NMC Annual Congress (Arlington, Virginia, USA) 2011

SOP treatment of separated manure solids reduced  Klebsiella bacteria counts

(H. Lynn Sharkey, A. Zanierato, P. Luparia, M. Poggianella, P.Moroni, Y.H. Schukken)

50th NMC Annual Congress (Arlington, Virginia, USA) 2011

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