SOP® STAR BEEF is a mineral feed for beef cattle which promotes animal wellbeing. Thanks to the simultaneous actions of Bio-hygienization of the environment and Bio-resilience within the animals, benefits have been recorded regarding hygiene, barn management and animal productivity and wellbeing.

In addition to the benefits that can be obtained with SOP GOLD PRO BEEF, opposing the presence of pathogenic bacteria and consequently reducing the incidence of issues of an environmental origin, SOP STAR BEEF also helps the digestive system, improving the assimilation and conversion of nutrients without having to modify the ration, the neuroendocrine system, aiding the regulation of the the immune system, for a better response to possible issues (such as, acidosis, ketosis, metritis, DA).

In the absence of farm mismanagement, the improvement in beef cattle wellbeing is an aspect that is universally recognised as being responsible for the improvement in the quantity and quality of production.

Informa Farm of the Bolcato Bros. (Pressana -VR- Italy)



The SOP products have been the subject of numerous tests and studies by some of the most important universities in the world: University of California (Davis), Cornell University, Guelph (Canada) and the universities of Milan, Perugia, Parma and Turin in Italy.

4th World Italian Beef Cattle Congress (Gubbio, PG, Italy - 2005)

Evaluation of the efficacy of a bedding additive in the control  of Staphylococcus spp. and coliform levels: preliminary results of a field trial on organic Chianina beef cattle

(P. Casagrande Proietti, R. Franceschini, M. Pennacchi, G. Tacconi)

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