SOP Gold Pro Beef

Brings Bio-hygienization to the barn environment.

Thanks to the improved hygiene brought about by SOP Gold Pro Beef, there is a reduction in environmental pathogenic bacteria, odor, ammonia and flies. The barn becomes more manageable, due to an improvement in the dryness of the bedding and cubicles, and an there is an initial fluidization of the liquid manure (continued and completed by the use of SOP Lagoon Feed Beef).

The lower levels of pathogenic bacteria lead to a reduction in issues of an environmental origin. The increased dryness and the reduction in odor both increase cow comfort.

The product can be easily mixed with all types of feed, in any ration and does not influence the process of digestion or the ruminal environment.

The use of SOP GOLD PRO BEEF has recorded:

➔ drier bedding

➔ a drastic reduction in ammonia and odor

➔ a Bio-hygienized environment

SOP GOLD PRO BEEF - instructions for use

Instructions for use: 3 g/head, once a day.

Add to the feed in the feed wagon or mix well with the ration.

Not to be used simultaneously with oral macrolides.

Contents of the box: The box contains a 10 kg bag. 

SOP GOLD PRO BEEF - what they say about us

Since 2001, SOP has been in the front line, helping farmers to improve the health and productivity of their cows. Many of them have been using the SOP products for more than 10 years and the benefits they are receiving are extremely positive and with no side effects.

Here are a few of their testimonials:

Informa Farm of the Bolcato Bros. (Pressana -VR- Italy)



The SOP products have been the subject of numerous tests and studies by some of the most important universities in the world: University of California (Davis), Cornell University, Guelph (Canada) and the universities of Milan, Perugia, Parma and Turin in Italy.

4th World Italian Beef Cattle Congress (Gubbio, PG, Italy - 2005)

Evaluation of the efficacy of a bedding additive in the control  of Staphylococcus spp. and coliform levels: preliminary results of a field trial on organic Chianina beef cattle

(P. Casagrande Proietti, R. Franceschini, M. Pennacchi, G. Tacconi)

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