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Laboratory tests, collaboration with universities and scientific publications are just a small part of the research that is at the base of all the SOP products.

Yet SOP is well aware of how the barn and field reality is so much more complex than anything a laboratory experiment can simulate. For this reason, the true value of our products is best evaluated and quantified, together with the farmers, during the day to day running of their farms.

Many farmers have chosen to use our products... some to increase their farm's sustainability, some in order to save money, others to increase the quantity or quality of their harvest.

Here are some of their testimonials:

Since 2001, SOP has been in the front line, helping farmers to improve the health and productivity of their cows. Many of them have been using SOP LAGOON for more than 10 years and the benefits they are receiving are extremely positive and with no side effects.

Here are some of their testimonials:  

Richard Isaac, Glenn Farm, UK: “I have been using SOP LAGOON for a while and I saw a difference in a couple of weeks, with the slurry bubbling. In the past when we have emptied the tower we have had to have the tractor and pump stirring for most of the time. When we emptied it this time we did 50% less stirring as there was no crust. The tower was emptied out right to the bottom. With less solids it was emptied out much quicker which made my contractor happy. Muck used to hang on the sides, but it doesn’t anymore.” 

Mr Jones, Pantyrhendy, UK: “At the time I started using SOP LAGOON there was a thick crust on the slurry which used to take about ten hours to mix. After a couple of months it was completely mixed within one hour.” 

Harry & Ian McKnight, UK: “Previously we found it difficult to mix the tank thoroughly, sometimes stirring it for 4 hours or more. In autumn we opted to use SOP LAGOON with fantastic results. In the spring the tank had no crust and after a quick mix was ready to spread. SOP LAGOON is easy to use and we'll definitely continue to use it.” 

Peter Scharringa, technical manager in Select Sires Genervations, Canada: “In regards to our experience with the SOP Lagoon here in Canada, we are seeing a very good reduction of agitating time for dairy farms who are using the SOP Lagoon. We are seeing over 60% less agitating time once the manure lagoon or pit has been properly activated. The other benefits of the SOP Lagoon is the reduction of flies and also the odor is vastly reduced. This again is very evident when the SOP Lagoon is properly used. We have also seen the difference in crops that have had manure spread on it that has been treated with SOP Lagoon and the crops that were not. Certainly shows the value that SOP Lagoon contributes to the manure when spreading it on land.” 

Serenissima farm, Italy: “We reduced the gaseous emissions in the atmosphere and consequently we have less odors in the farm, noxious for people, during storage and spreading.” 

Martelli farm, Italy: “In the storage tank, we see less crust formation and the solid part dissolves better.” 

L’agrifoglio farm, Italy: “We noticed a great odor and ammonia emission reduction. The slurry is more fluid in the tank.”

Rickreall Dairy (USA)


Baroni Farm (Cassinetta di Lugagnano -MI- Italy)


Sangiacomo & Franchi Farm (Villachiara - BS - Italy)


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