SOP Selos Alfalfa

SOP Selos Alfalfa is a product for the stimulation of agricultural crops, increasing their capacity to absorb the nutritive elements from the soil.

An EC FERTILIZER of a natural origin, processed with the SOP technology.

▲ Growth

increased vigor and uniformity of crop growth.

▲ Harvest

greater quality and quantity.

stability of the nutritional characteristics of the hay and green chopped corn.

greater uniformity of maturation and the possibility of a

higher yield.

SOP Selos Alfalfa - Use

USE: It is recommended that the product be applied between the end of the tillering phase and the beginning of the grand growth phase, diluted in 300-400 litres (66-88 gallons) of water, using a herbicide boom spreader. 

The product can be mixed with post emergent herbicides or other commonly used agrochemicals.

CONTENTS OF THE BOX: The box contains two 600 g bags, each sufficient for the treatment of one hectare (2.47 acres) of alfalfa.

COMPATIBILITY: At the recommended dosage, the product results completely phytocompatible for all varieties treated.
SOP Selos Alfalfa can be mixed with the most common phyto-pharmaceuticals, weed killers or insecticides.





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