Cocus Cereals Compact

Cocus Cereals Compact is one of the products of the Agro Line - Feed Crops dedicated to cereals, grasses and grass mixes, to be used in direct contact with the seed. The dosage of 200 g/ha, is sufficient to guarantee treatment for all the crops, with a single application as a seed dressing.

As with all of the Agro Line - Feed Crops products, Cocus Cereals Compact has a dual action: 

 - direct action: stimulation of germination and root growth and development, and greater plant health;       

 - indirect action: stimulation of the soil bacteria, which are responsible for the transformation of the nitrogen and other nutrients into a form that is assimilable by the plant, allowing the plant to get the most out of the soil resources*. Thanks to this process, the soil is not impoverished, on the contrary, it becomes more and more fertile, year after year.       

*in the presence of any type of organic matter (crop residues, animal husbandry effluents, digestate from biogas).

Standard cultivation - SOP treated

Greater foliar development and darker coloration.

Standard cultivation - SOP treated

Higher number of grains with the SOP treatment.

Standard cultivation - SOP treated

Greater tillering and more developed root system.

La Serenissima Farm uses Cocus Cereals Compact

Cocus Cereals Compact - Use

Use: mix the product with the seed, in the seed bag or directly in the seed box.

Any spillage of Cocus Cereals Compact from the machine during sowing operations does not affect treatment as the product, falling to the ground, will stimulate the beneficial microbial flora (indirect action of SOP). 

Contents of box: 400 g (0.88 lb).

Dosage: 200 g (0.44 lb) / ha.
1 box = 2 hectares.
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Contact the company to receive more specific information.

As for all the Agro Line - Feed Crops products, Cocus Cereals Compact is allowed in organic farming and has a dual action: on the soil and on the crops.


Since 2001, SOP has been in the front line, helping farmers to improve the quality and quantity of their harvest. Many of them have been using the Cocus products for more than 10 years and the benefits they are receiving are extremely positive and with no side effects.

Here are a few of their testimonials:

La Serenissima Farm (Calcinato - BS - Italy)

uses Cocus Cereals Compact, Cocus Maize Compact & Cocus Alfalfa Compact

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