Global Climate Strike

Friday, March 15, 2019

Today, there is the Global Climate Strike and all over the world marches for the Climate have been organised to call for effective action to safeguard the environment, in order to mitigate global warming and climate change.


By now, over 25% of the planet’s dry land is seriously damaged from the use of fertilizers and pesticides and, over the last 40 years, a third of the Earth’s cultivatable land has become infertile. 

Furthermore, climate change is making it harder for the crops and global economic politics are stretching farmers to their limits.

By studying the billions of microorganisms living in the barn environment, in the liquid manure, in the soil as well as, and above all, the processes favoring the maintenance of homeostasis in the dairy cow, SOP has been able to develop products for dairy farming, based on the SOP technology, which are able to interact with the autochthonous microbiome (already present in the environment/animal).

In this way, thousands of farmers all over the world are getting fantastic results regarding production whilst, at the same time, safeguarding the environment with less pollution of the air and water, with fewer emissions and, therefore, a healthier environment and greater comfort for both the animals and workers.

This is our Sustainable Intensive Agriculture: helping the farmers to grow within their activity, to satisfy the needs of our generation without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy theirs, to reach the common objective, to…

Save Our Planet

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