On an intensive rabbit farm, the environment is a crucial factor not only for animal health, but also for management of the farm itself.
Stricter and stricter laws are constantly being created to reduce the ecological impact of all human activities, forcing the farmer to look for new solutions to this problem.
The criticality of the environment in which the rabbits find themselves, means that it is important to give them the possibility to resist, as best they can,
attacks from the pathogens within the environment and the effects of emissions and animal effluents on the their mucous membranes and state of health in general.

Rabbit farming

The products of the SOP Rabbit Line offer the farmer solutions for:

the Environment: thanks to the process of Bio-hygienization, the products help to create a new equilibrium in the barn, modulating the environmental bacterial load to the advantage of the animal, the group and the whole environment. This is made possible by stimulating the humification process instead of putrefaction.

Health and wellbeing: thanks to direct stimulation of its Bio-resilience centres, the animal is able to react more efficiently to any changes within the barn or to any other external stimulations, maintaining greater equilibrium and, consequently, higher quality and production levels.

Odor and ammonia emissions: thanks to the Bio-hygienization process, ammonia emissions are reduced, not only in the environment, but also from the droppings in the treated areas of the farm.

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