SOP® LAGOON is a powdered additive for the treatment of the liquid manure of dairy cows. It helps the farmers with the management of liquid manure, dissolving any crusts or sediment, keeping it fluid and reducing/eliminating the need for agitators. Furthermore, it reduces the formation and emission of odors, ammonia and GHGs from the stored manure, as well as that spread on the fields, and improves the fertilizing properties of the liquid manure.

The results, from studies carried out at both the University of Milan and the University of California at Davis, indicate that SOP LAGOON is the only additive in the world capable of simultaneously reducing emissions of ammonia and GHGs such as methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide, without accumulating nitrates in the liquid manure.

A scientific study, published in the journal "Sustainability" (Borgonovo et al., September 2019), demonstrates how, after 4 days of using SOP LAGOON, gas emissions are reduced:

-100% of ammonia

-21.5% of methane

-100% of nitrous oxide

-22.9% of carbon dioxide

Furthermore, the empowered capacity to influence microorganisms results in a reduction of crust and sediment and an improvement in manure fluidization, as well as a reduction of odor and a reduction in the attraction of flies.

A specific test carried out by UC Davis has also confirmed a significant reduction in odor.

It is, therefore, possible to improve the sustainability of liquid manure management :

Economic sustainability for the farmer, limiting agitation, spreading and fertilization costs

Environmental sustainability, reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers, the risk of nitrate leaching into ground waters and GHG emissions

Social sustainability, limiting ammonia and odor emissions, precursors of fine particulate formation.

Rickreall Dairy (USA)


Frisia Farm of Nino Andena (Bertonico -LO- Italy)


Baroni Farm (Cassinetta di Lugagnano -MI- Italy)


Sangiacomo & Franchi Farm (Villachiara - BS - Italy)



The SOP products have been the subject of numerous tests and studies by some of the most important universities in the world: University of California (Davis), Cornell University, Guelph (Canada) and the universities of Milan, Perugia, Parma and Turin in Italy.

Scientific Publication published in "Sustainability" 13/02/2020

Mitigation strategies for ammonia, GHG and odorous emissions from stored liquid manure: a microbial approach.

(University of California, Davis, USA)

Scientific Publication published in "Sustainability" 12/09/2019

Mitigation strategies for ammonia and GHG emissions from stored liquid manure: a microbial approach.

(University of Milan, Italy)

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