Cattle Effluents

Liquid manure in the storage pits often becomes very difficult to manage. Crusts form on the surface of the manure and sediment under the slats reducing, in this way, the holding capacity of the pit. Furthermore, if the liquid manure is not homogenous, it may require a much greater amount of energy for agitation, pumping out and transportation.
Thanks to SOP Bio-valorization of the liquid manure, it is possible to reduce the amount of agitation required as the liquid manure in the storage pits remains much more fluid.
The stimulation of the bacteria in the liquid manure increases their efficiency at dissolving the crust which may even completely disappear after a few weeks/months.
Furthermore, a significant reduction in odor, ammonia emissions and Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane has been reported in liquid manure treated with SOP. 

(F. Mitloehner, PhD, University of California, Davis, 2017; M. Guarino, PhD, Universit√† degli studi di Milano, 2018).

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A powdered additive that dissolves and fluidifies crust and reduces greenhouse and other polluting gas emissions.

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Drastically reduces odors, emissions and crusts from the liquid manure of beef cattle.

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