Ruminantia magazine interviews SOP at FIERAGRICOLA 2020

Friday, February 7, 2020

“Cows are destroying the Earth; the only way to save the planet is the vegan diet; the UN suggests reducing meat consumption in order to oppose climate change”.

"Today the average consumer, who gets most of his information from social networks, is being bombarded by messages like this (usually partial and misleading) and is often influenced by them - making consequent choices about what to buy - so as not to feel guilty about leaving the planet to his children in a worse state than he found it," explained Marco Poggianella.

“The picture is distressing, but solutions with the potential to become positive protagonists are beginning to emerge. SOP, which has been dealing with these issues for 20 years now, has created more than 40 products, with its proprietary technology, capable of helping farmers to render their activity sustainable from an economic, environmental and social point of view. And if the recent survey by Doxa is true, that consumers are increasingly prepared to spend more for more sustainable products, these products could really be the cornerstone." 


“Once upon a time, the land was cultivated in order to obtain only that which it was capable of giving. Today though, farmers require the land to give back at least the cost for its cultivation, because, sustainability and profitability must walk side by side." 

As explained by Roberto Pozzato, futuristic inventions are not necessary to obtain sustainability, but sustainability has to start from the circularity which makes up the history of our agriculture. 

"The farmer has always been tied to the land and man stopped roaming and abandoned his nomadic lifestyle when he realized that the manure from the cows increased the fertility of the soil.

It is from this self empowering mechanism that SOP began, creating products capable of reuniting that which man, through time, has divided; reactivating the biological systems that the machines and ever increasing distances have gradually slowed down, eventually stopping them from working all together. In other words: re-establish, redirect and sustain the different equilibriums that are created in agricultural soil that, on the contrary to natural soil, is ploughed, fertilized, unweeded and irrigated, in order to adapt it to the productive requirements of agriculture". 


Where do we start in this rethinking process?

“From the liquid manure” declares Marcello Ermido Chiodini.

“The storage pits hold a product from the barn with an important nutritional value for the fields: liquid manure, a precious mixture of organic substrates and water.

Liquid manure can be seen as a huge living organism inside which a variety of reactions occur. Some of these, such as the emission of gas, can create issues on both an environmental and social level. By managing this product efficiently, its value can be preserved and the farmer can continue using it, guaranteeing, at the same time, a healthier environment.

SOP works on the liquid manure, proposing additives that interact with the bacteria which are capable of reducing the emissions, especially ammonia and nitrous oxide. I'm talking specifically about SOP LAGOON, our powdered additive which dissolves and fluidifies any crusts that may have formed on the surface of the liquid manure (limiting or even eliminating the need for agitaters) and reduces the emission of odor, ammonia and Greenhouse gases from the liquid manure during its storage in the pits and its spreading over the fields, improving, at the same time, its fertilizing capacity.

Studies conducted by the Università di Milano and the University of California, Davis have demonstrated that SOP LAGOON is the only additive in the world that is capable of simultaneously reducing  emissions of ammonia (NH3) and Greenhouse gases (CH4, N2O, CO2) without accumulating nitrates in the liquid manure”.

A revolutionary result, if one thinks that, as specified by Gioacchino Quarta,

“59.2% of all ammonia emitted in Italy derives from the dairy barn environment and the storage of liquid manure and of this percentage, 26.9 is attributable  to storage alone (ISPRA, 2018).

The effectivness and the sustainability of the SOP products in the dairy barn has been verified and quantified by international and Italian universities and research institutes and can be described in terms of reductions in enteric emissions of CH4, better assimilation and conversion of nutrients, reductions in emissions of NH3 and odor from bedding and liquid manure, greater and better quality milk production, opposition to environmental pathogens, reductions in udder problems of an environmental origin, stimulation of the immune defense system and reductions in the Somatic Cell Count”. 

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