Lorenzo Andena talks about SOP at the International Livestock exhibition in Cremona

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Lorenzo Andena, owner of the Frisia Farm in Bertonico (LO), tells us about his experience, since 2001, with the SOP products, during the International Livestock Exhibition in Cremona on the Ruminantia stand!

He currently uses the SOP products

⇨ for the lactating cows (for the Bio-resilience of the animals) click here for further information

⇨ in the barn environment (for the Bio-hygienization of the bedding) click here for further information

⇨ for the calves (for their Bio-resilience and the Bio-hygienization of the calf pen) click here for further information

⇨ for the liquid manure (for its Bio-valorization) click here for further information

⇨ for the fields (to improve the quality and quantity of the yield of the raw materials and reduce synthetic nitrogen fertilization) click here for further information

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