Surrounded by a technical team made up of researchers, engineers, chemists, agronomists, nutritionists, veterinarians and biologists with experience on an international level, Marco Poggianella continues to experiment, guided by his constant research into the needs of today's farmers.

He has been an international speaker at numerous conferences and important events in the agri-food sector (among which, the most recent: “Improving nutrition and food security in sub-saharan Africa” at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, and the presentation of the “Sustainable dairy farm” in Hilmar, California) he is also the author of a variety of scientific publications, among which:

  • "Preliminary results of in-field monitoring of a feed additive for rumen functionality on 7 Italian commercial dairy farms"
  • "Investigation of a bio-hygienizing additive for oral use in dairy cows: effect on milk somatic cell count"
  • "Monitoring of the reduction of Klebsiella bacteria counts in SOP treated recycled manure solids"
  • "Clinical mastitis monitoring on a commercial Arizona dairy farm".

His constant commitment to investing in himself and his collaborators, gained him the title of "Enlightened Entrepreneur" in 2009, from the Executive Net-Growing Club.

Speaker at numerous events, among which the “Ecology of the mind, ecology of the man" congress, in 2014, with Fritjof Capra who defined him as a "true eco-designer" and the Business Symposium of 2018, Marco Poggianella is co-author of "57 Italian Entrepreneurs who achieved Success" (“Come ce l’hanno fatta 57 imprenditori italiani”), a book written by the members of OSA, the exclusive Italian entrepreneurial business community.

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